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Recent Studies suggest that up to 80% of people in the U.S. have insufficient evels of vitamin D due to a lack of sun exposure. Our busy scheduels keep us indoors most of the time, preventing us from seeing much of the sun. Vitamin D is present in certain foods, however it is difficult to get adequate amounts of vitamin D through diet alone. In addition, sunscreens and clothing inhibit vitamin D synthesis. People who live farther from the equator have a greater risk of having low levels of vitamin D. People with darker skin are also more susceptible to having insufficient vitamin D levels.

Why is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D plays a huge role in protecting your heath. Studies show vitamin D helps support healthy heart function, promotes immune system heath, facilitates healthy cell development, and helps maintain strong bones and teeth by increasing calcium absorption. As we age, we need more vitamin D since our bodies become less efficient in converting vitamin D to a form it can use.

Why Use a Vitamin D Supplement?

Due to the lack of vitamin D acquired from sun exposure and diet, it is recommended that you incorporate into your diet a high quality vitamin D supplement. Supplemental vitamin D is clinically supported and proven to significantly raise blood leves of vitamin D.

Shaklee's Vitamin D supplement contains 1,000 IU of highly potent vitamin D3, the most potent form of vitamin D.

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