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Vitamin E is a powerful fat-solable antioxidant that supports heart, breain, prostate, lung, colon, and immune health.
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Shaklee Vita-E Complex Vitamin E Supplement

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Shaklee Vitamin E- Vita-E Complex:

Take 1 Shaklee Vita-E Complex capsule daily to provide 400 IU or naturally sources vitamin E, 60 mcg of selenium (which complements vitamin E), and 38 mg of grapseed extract containing proanthocyanidins (compounds that appear to have powerful antioxidant properties).

Order Shaklee Vita-E Complex online or call 1-800-701-1959

Shaklee Vitamin E- Vita-E 400 IU Plus Selenium:

Take 1 Shaklee Vita-E 400 IU Plus Selenium tablet daily to provide your body with naturally occurring vitamin E that is more easily absorbed and retained by the body than synthetic forms of vitamin e. The selemium in Shaklee Vita-E compliments the vitamin E.

Order Shaklee Vita-E 400 IU Plus Selenium online or call 1-800-701-1959


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