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Shaklee Saw Palmetto Complex

Shaklee saw palmetto complex helps maintain proper urinary flow in men. It has a blend of natural ingredients including the finest standardized saw palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed oil, and enriched sources of beta sitosterols and other valuable phytosterols, which have been found to support prostate health.

Simply take 1 Shaklee Saw Palmetto softgel twice a day.

Why Use Shaklee Saw Palmetoo Complex?

Many middle aged men deal with enlargement of the prostate that is thought to be caused by a chain of interactions involving the conversion of testosterone into another form within the prostate. Key componants in saw palmetto may help circumvent this process. Prostate enlargement may also be related to the presence of estrogen in the prostate. Saw palmetto may help the male body dispose of the excess estrogen.

The non-extracted berry of saw palmetto may also help support healthy function of the immune system.

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