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Shaklee Distributor Protein From Non-GMO Soy
Shaklee distributor protein uses soybeans that are free from exposure to genetically modified soybeans.

This soy protein is a delicious way to give your body high-quality soy protein.

It is a plant-based soy protein, that's low in fat, cholesterol free, and well-supplied with all essential amino acids. It helps build muscle, skin, and hormones; support the immune system; retain normal cholesterol levels; and promote heart and prostate health. It also contains soy isoflavones to help minimize hot flashes and promote breast health.

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Protein Powder Directions:

Simply mix 3 tablespoons of the Soy Protein with a glass of milk, juice, water, or your favorite beverage. You can also blend in fruit!

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Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein Distributor:

Shaklee Protein Mix Distributor, Natural Flavor

This soy protein mix can be added to any recipe. Each serving contains 16 grams of protein and one gram of carbohydrates.

Soy Protein Mix Directions:

Drinks: mix 2 tablespoons of soy protein mix in water, juice, or any beverage

Cooking/Baking: add to soups, casseroles, pancakes, salad dressings and more. The isoflavones and other nutritional benefits of this soy protein mix are retained during cooking. When using this soy protein mix, cook at a lower temperature and add extra liquid. You should now use this soy protein mix for infants under one year of age without consulting a physician.

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