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October 10, 2006

I am only 34 years old & back in January started having pain in my heel. At that time it was just on occasion, so I didn't do anything about it. By April the pain had worsened quite a bit to be daily & by May I was in tears almost every morning. I went to the doctor. He said it was bone spurs & of course they prescribed an anti-inflamatory medicine. I was very reluctant to take it because of all of the side effects, plus i've always tried to do things naturally & get to the source of the problem. The doctor also said that if the medicine didn't work then they would send me to a specialist & I would probably have to have surgery. That's just not an option to me. I have six young children & I run my own business. I don't have time to be down in bed for weeks at a time. So my sister & I started doing research & found you. I got my shipment of "the vital minerals" the 3rd week in June 2006. Within 1 week I could feel a difference. I wasn't crying every morning anymore. Within 1 month I had almost no pain at all. I'm 3 months into this wonderful invention & I can push directly on my heel & feel only one little small spot that still hurts a little. This is the most amazing supplement & i'm so grateful to have found it. I have already recommended this wonderful supplement to many people. Thank you so much!

R. Smith

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October 3, 2006

I had surgery on my right foot for a heel spur and unfortunately I developed another spur right next to the one I had surgery on. I did not want to have another surgery. I came across an ad for "the vial minerals" and sent for it.

I've been taking "vital mineral" pills for six months now and it is just about healed. However, every time I think the pain is gone it starts up again. Right now it is not hurting but i'm still taking the pills as I am afraid the pain will come back. Slight discomfort may come and go but when I am sure there will be no more pain then I will stop the pills and hope for the best. Only time will tell.

Thank you for your help.

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August 28, 2006

Hi, My name is Mary S. I had a very large bone spur in my right hip joint. I researched on the computer and found the reason for bone spurs to happen is that the calcium does not fuse into the bone but causes crystals (bone spurs). The "vital minerals" has a formula that allows absorption into the bone. I haven't taken the whole 4 month's supply yet- almost. The bone spur is much smaller. So if you need this kind of help for relief of the pain it causes, try this. I did and I am on low income, but it really does work.

Mary S.

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May 2, 2006

I have been taking your product for about 5 weeks and I noticed real change, no more pain in my heel. My husband became also believer and started to use your calcium... Thank you.

J. Bravec

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February 14, 2006

I found last year that I had a very sore heel. My doctor was dismissive of this and more or less said I had to live with it as well as lose some weight. Well, as most people know, that is easier said than done. I have however lost nearly 50 pounds. I decided to look on the internet for any advice and found your site. It gave me hope. I have been taking the calcium tablets for some while now and I really think they work. It must have taken about 2 months for me to really notice a difference but it is quite remarkable that these calcium tablets can make such a difference. I am very grateful as I now do not limp. Thank you.

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January 12, 2006

I was very wary of buying any form of tablets over the internet, but I was getting so much pain from heelspurs and I could not walk properly, I was hobbling along very slowly, in fact I began to use the car more rather than walk even short distances, so in desperation I typed in "heelspur" on the search engine and found your site. Well, I was so impressed with all the testimonials and it did seem a reputable company so I ordered "the vital minerals" and all I can say is I haven't looked back since. My husband noticed the difference within weeks, I was back to walking at my normal fast pace, he has trouble keeping up with me. I am so glad I overcame my hesitancy about ordering over the internet. These tablets really do work.
R. Parker

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January 3, 2006

Well I was one of those people you have to show them before they believe... I ordered your product... I had been suffering from heel spurs for three LONG years... I had the shots, ouch!!! very painful, I bought all kinds of different shoes and pads and insoles, and I limped like an old woman... surgery was my next option and I was planning for it... After taking your product for five days the pain lessened... then in another couple days the pain was gone... NEW FEET I tell everyone who says why are you not limping? Then guess what... the pain in my hips disappeared and my knees, my back stopped hurting... I gave it to my husband and he had a broken wrist that did not heal right and he had minimum movement and pain all the time... now it is flexible and the pain is gone... So now I believe and have told quite a few friends about this product... some are looking at knee replacement and I hope it helps them as much as it has helped me... I'm in love with this product and I will never stop taking it...
Brenda S./ Enterprise, FL

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December 29, 2005

I ordered the "vital minerals" on 11/17/2005 and started taking 4 tablets three times a day. After a week I began to notice the pain in my neck was less intense.

I have a very stressfull desk job sitting at the computer for 8 hours or more a day. The pain in my head, neck and shoulders becomes almost unbearable after only 4 hours at the computer. I have been to many doctors, arthritis doc, nuerologist, physical therapy, chiropractor, pain management clinic, and none of them have helped me. Recently, my primary care doctor ordered an MRI of my neck. The MRI shows I have bone spurs in my neck on the 4th, 5th, and 6th vertabrae. They have caused tremendous daily pain for 20 plus years in my neck, back of my head and have caused many migraine headaches.

After taking "the vital minerals" I am able to work much longer hours before experiencing any pain. I still have pain but nothing like before taking "the vital minerals."

I have already recommended this product to serveral of my co-workers that have the same stressfull pain in their neck and shoulders.

I plan to continue using this product and I know I will be pain free very soon.

D. Farrow

You may publish all my e-mails on your website.

Since I have used your calcium, magnesium plus, the pain in my neck has almost gone. Sometimes I forget about the pain. Before I start taking "the vital minerals", the pain in my neck was unbearable. The pain was like a migraine in the neck which also did make me have real migraines in my head. I am so thankful I found your product. I will continue to use it.

D. Farrow

Brenda S./ Enterprise, FL

November 23, 2005

I have been using "vital minerals" for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis as well as to prevent osteoporosis- happy to have good results on spurs (for the last 5 years) and my 1st bone density shows me in good shape. Thanks

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November 19, 2005

Hi there. I have been ordering the "vital minerals" from you for over a year now, at first I had my doubts as to whether it was doing any good, but as of lately, I am finding that I have no tender feeling to the touch and I haven't had a flare up in 4 or 5 months, maybe longer. I just know they don't hurt anymore. Thank You

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November 11, 2005

Before I started "vital minerals", I had been diagnosed with heel spurs. I had been taking regular calcium supplements but they did not help the heel spurs. A friend recommended this product because she had had great success with it, so I tried it and I have to say it has worked for me. I do not have any heel pain and I am continuing to use the "vital minerals."

J. White

November 2, 2005

I have suffered with bone spurs for over a year. After researching bone spurs I decided to try your product. After only a few weeks I began to feel a difference. I'm hooked for life and never plan on having bone spur pain again. Thank you!

V. Walker

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October 17, 2005

My husband was doing research on the internet because my bone spurs were so painful I could hardly walk. I had been to the doctor's, done exercises and taken more calcium than most people take in a lifetime. We are very active- motorcycles, trails, walking etc. so the bone spur was a real trial for us. I read the testimonials but still didn't truly believe. My husband was adament I try your product. In less than one week I felt no pain and I was up and gone. After 2 weeks I cut back to one tablet a day. I am truly grateful to the manufacturer for such a wonderful product. I tell everyone I know what a great job your product has done for me and am truly blessed with Mr. Wright.


D. Wright

* Italics are Ours

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September 27, 2005

I had a heel spur for 2 years. After putting an orthotic device in my shoe and still after 6 months having no pain relief, I started taking the calcium magnesium plus supplement. After about 4 more months went by, I started feeling less pain in my heel. Now, I have no more pain at all as I continue to wear the orthotics in conjunction with taking the Cal Mag supplement daily. Thank you very much.

K. Schumacher

August 3, 2005

I started taking the vital minerals about 2 years ago. I was at my wits end. I was having severe heel pain from bone spurs. I went to two podiatrist and 3 athopedic doctors for my feet. I could hardly walk to the bathroom at night they hurt so bad! I went online and read about other people and decided to try it! I have been taking it ever since and I have had very, very little if not no heel pain since! I am a diabetic, have high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, obese, and have other health issues. But I feel without the pain in my feet. I can keep going to try and loose the weight and stay healthy! Than you!

August 3, 2005

I have been taking the vital minerals for 4 years and wouldn't be without them. I first discovered them on the internet when I was looking for some relief from my neck pain. Non of the over-the-counter medicines did anything for me. After about 3-4 months of taking the vital minerals I could raise my head off the pillow in the morning without pain. Thank you for this product.

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July 18, 2005

In April of 2004 my husband, Fuller, had to use a cane to walk. He was in constant pain mostly in his knees. He couldn't work at his part-time job as a security guard. He was referred to a bone specialist and was given a shot of cortizone in his knee with no help. After x-rays showed bone spurs on his knee.

I looked up "bone spurs" on the internet and ordered the vital minerals. In less than 2 weeks my husband could walk without the cane and his pain is almost completely gone.

I had been suffering with extreme sharp pain in one hip- also the knee. After taking the calcium, I was able to sleep at night without the pain waking me up.

We always thought bone spurs were calcium deposits so, therefore, we had too much calcium- but it's the opposite. My husband is 67 and I am 63. We haven't been married very long and we both know that with age we will have some aches and pains. But we don't intend on letting it keep us down. We are young senior citizens. We may not have quanity years but we do plan to have quality years and that's what you product has given us.

N & F Windham

July 15, 2005

With a recent order I was asked to send a testimonial about my experiences with cal-mags:
After suffering with a heel spur and several shots in my foot, I decided to look for an alternative. In seeking information, I found the cal-mag supplements on the internet. I have been taking cal-mags for serval year now and no longer suffer with my heel spurs. I feel I have my live back and am able to walk and do a daily Yoga routine without pain. Being more active I am also able to keep my weight down. I feel that taking the cal-mags also helps me fight colon polyps, colon cancer and osteoporosis. I am 57 years old and recently lost my mother to colon cancer, so i'm very concerned that I take an excellent calcium supplement. My recent colonoscopy and dexascan tests results was enormous. I have recommended the cal-mags to several people

Thank you for making cal-mags available.

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June 8, 2005

I have had heel spur pain - especially after 8 hours of work on my feet. Now on only my 2nd shipment I have experienced an improvement - I like & trust the brand name for a proper calcium balance that is accessible to every cell in my body. Thank you - D. Olsen

May 18, 2005

I began using the vital minerals about three or 2 1/2 years ago after a friend told me about them. I was suffering so badly with a heel spur and could barely walk. Nothing helped until I began taking these tablets. After about two months of taking these, the pain went completely away. It was amazing! I could walk again without constant pain.

D. Hennigan

April 12, 2005

My wife and I have been taking the vital minerals one year. I have a spur on the back of my neck. My wife has arthritis. We have seen the difference. Thank you for letting me share.

A. Richardson

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April 12, 2005

I was told I had a bone spur on my hip. So I was searching the web and came across your page. It said for bone spurs. I tried it and did what it said and the bone spurs stopped hurting and I suupose went away. I have been taking it ever since, several years. I worked for me. I was very glad I cam across it.


C. Saint

April 12, 2005

I have been using your product for a while now. Before my mom found out about your product, I was in severe pain and could hardly walk because of a painful bone spur. I didn't want surgery if I could avoid it. After 3 months on your vital minerals I am pain free as far as my bone spur goes. Even if I am on my feet all day, my back may kill me but the bone spur is not even a blip on my radar. Thank you so much. I will keep on using your product because it is such a relief to be able to walk without limping or groaning with every step.

Yours sincerely,

C. Case

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April 7, 2005

You ask for personal experiences with "vital minerals". I already sent you my own success with it earlier, but here is what my hasband says: These are the only calcium magnesium tablets that work for me. I have tried other brands with no success. The vital minerals makes me sleep at night. Apparently it gets ABSORBED much better than other brands.

S. S., Florida

March 17, 2005

I was diagnosed with bone spurs by a very reputible doctor who suggested cortisone or surgery. I found your website and knew immediately I had to try. After 2 weeks I could tell a difference - but after 6 months I am pain free. I'm afraid to stop taking my vital minerals so I won't! What can a little extra calcium hurt, especially at 58. All I know is I can walk forever and dance up a storm!


L. Litten

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February 25, 2005

I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. Especially if i'd been off my feet for awhile. When I would stand up, it felt like I was stepping on glass. I didn't want to go to a doctor, as I have no health insurance. My sister went online and found your product. I was very willing to give it a try and the cost was very reasonable. Within 2 weeks I was better, and within a month I was cured. I have been taking the calcium for 1 1/2 years - 6 pills a day. I took them to my pharmacist and he said they were great and everyone my age (50) should be taking them - heel spurs or not. I should have taken time to write before, but better now than never. I will always take them for the rest of my life. Please don't quit making them. Thank you

D. Bailey

February 16, 2005

I had painful bone spurs / heel spurs. I went online looking for something natural to help and found your website. After talking (via phone) with a salesperson, who kindly answered all my questions, I decided to try the calcium as directed. Within weeks the pain was gone and has been gone since then! I continue to take the calcium.

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January 12, 2005

I recently ordered the vital minerals - 4 month supply for my daughter. When it arrived, there was a letter enclosed for a testimonial. I gave it to my daughter, and here is her response.

" I have been using "vital minerals" for over a year now for heel spurs in both feet. The pain in my right foot is gone. My left still has some pain if I walk on hard floors too long. My left foot, though, has other medical problems. I admit I don't take the full amount. I can never seem to remember the second dose. I really wish you could make an extended release vitamin that I could take 1 a day. Than you for "vital minerals".

Y. Arnold

You may use this testimonial on your website for the benefit of others.

You also have my thanks for helping my daughter with her bone spurs. She is really doing quite well. Her left foot has something like carpal tunnel syndrome people get in their hand. I think your vitamin has taken care of the bone spurs in both feet. She can't seem to be able to tell the difference, since walking hurts that foot like the bone spurs hurt. But I feel that since the bone spur is gone from one foot, it is probably gone from the other.

Thank you once again.

P. Collins

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January 10, 2005

This product has changed my life. In the past my neck constantly ached. Today, I play tennis 4 days/week; golf 2 days/week and feel like i'm 50 years young.

L. Hunter

January 3, 2005

I quit smoking about eight years ago and have been blessed with the ability to gain weight and not be able to loose it. So when this happened I was really afraid. I had a new grandson and the family decided to meet at a park to celebrate. I had gotten the baby from the car with his carseat. I was talking to my daughter as we entered the pavillion and caught the edge of the sidewalk with the toe of my shoe. As I fel, I thought with all the weight I have gained, I will kill this baby if I land on him. However, as I fell, I managed to hit the wall with my right shoulder and push away. This enabled me to set the baby down and kind of fly over him. I landed on my left shoulder and didn't feel I had done any damage at that time.

I live quite a ways from where this happened and, after the trip home, I started having severe pain in my right shoulder. I doctored for months with very little help and, then finally, they wanted to do surgery. After having the dye treatment it was determined that I had spurs. I couldn't afford surgery as I had no medical insurance. So I knew I was out.

My husband went to the internet for help and happened on your site. After reading the personal testimonials, some of whom had the surgery and lived to regret it, I decided to try your product. It sure was cheaper than my other alternative and sounded almost to good to be true. Well let me tellyou my right shoulder is fantastic. I still have a small ache, but I can live with that.

I have been taking your "vital minerals" for about three and a half years now and have told many people about it. I am now having trouble with my left shoulder, but the "vital minerals" doesn't seem to be helping. My husband has mentioned bursitis, but all I know is, it sure does hurt most of the time. Now if you have a miracle pill for my left shoulder I sure would appreciate it.

Thank you

K. Erickson

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December 27, 2004

I am very well pleased with the results I get from the vital minerals. It has helped my pain from bone spurs so much.

Thank you

G. Aaron

December 15, 2004

My name is Sandra from Gurnee IL. About 1 year ago I went to foot doctor because I had pain in my left heel. The doctor told me that I had plantar fasciitis. I had to buy expensive foot soles and had cortisone shots that did not help. I walk every day because I have high blood pressure and the doctor said I needed to. I got so frustrated that I decided to go to the internet. I found your web site and ordered the pills with calcium. It took about 4 months for the pain to go away. I walk every day now and still have no pain. I now have been on them for 6 months and i'm doing great. I just wanted to say Thanks for making a drug that works. You may use my testimonial on your web site for others to read.



Gurnee, IL

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December 14, 2004

I was having intense pain in my heel. The doctors said it was a heel spur and all the things they did only brought temporary relief. When I saw your website I ordered my 1st supply in February 2004. Within 3 days I could tell a difference. I am able to walk with little or no pain. I have told everyone about your product. It has also helped my colon problem also. I even have my in-laws taking your product. It is wonderful! Keep up the good work.

T. Chapman

December 14, 2004

Dear Sirs:

My wife and I have been taking the vital minerals for three months. We can already tell the differance. We plan on taking it for a long time.

Thank you

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November 29, 2004

To whom it may concern:

When I first started using your product I could not put any weight on my left foot and was in constant pain. I have been taking the vital minerals for about 3 months and have noted much improvement. Looking forward to having no pain as I continue treatment. Thank you for helping me.


Helen J.

November 19, 2004

I have a belief that this product is working for me. I don't think I will ever stop taking it. Last year I had tendonitis in my foot and though I am ok now with my doctor's medicalisee, I still continue on "vital minerals" and I rely on it more than ever, hoping that taking it regularly will keep things under control. I also have great faith in God, and I am glad I came across your product on the internet.

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November 18, 2004

Thank you so much for keeping me updated. Thank you for having this web site on bone/heel spurs. While I suffered with when I first found your web site about 10 yeards ago. I have learned so much from you. I have not had a problem for over 10 years now. Thank you for sharing all the information so I could understand what was taking place. I don't know where I would be now at the age of 58 years old and still run marathons. God bess you.

From, Free of all pain because of your help.

Myrtell of San Francisco, CA

November 17, 2004

Hi, and thanks for the thought. I took the calcium pills for several months. The problem went away and has not recurred. Thanks.

November 15, 2004

Thank you for your email. I have recovered from my bone spur and the pain it caused thanks to your vital mineral tablets. At the time of our last order, you sent us the bottles we ordered without your phone number printed on them and I was about to research your phone number, just as I got your message. Thanks for keeping up with me. I will be re-ordering soon. Have a nice day.

You are welcome to use my testimonial in your website. You vital minerals has really cured my bone spur, and I also gave it to a friend who also had a bone spur, and it cured his also. I am very impressed and glad to be rid of the pain. I continue taking it for maintenance. Keep up the good work. Any cure that can be given to avoid invasive surgery will have my support.



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November 11, 2004

I learned about Vioxx and I had taken it for a while. Then I heard Bextra and Celebrex as well might be harmful. So I decided to try your product. I have to admit that I am not totally pain free, but it really helps. I have bone spurs in both feet and I also have a torn achilies tendon. So I have a lot of pain. I also have fallen arches. Your product has been surprisingly helpful.

Teresa L.

November 9, 2004

Yes I had an ongoing heel problem about 3 years ago. Nothing helped: podiatry, orthotis. X-ray showed a spur. But I went onto a course of your calcium formula, and within a few months was normal again. I still take calcium regularly. I celebrated recovery by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa last year.

One more satisfied customer.


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November 2, 2004

I often ran a lot and in doing that I got a bone spur in each heel. I have had cortisone shots for both heels. The shots would work for a while if the doctor injected the cortisone in the right spot. I read that cortisone shots are not healthy, so I stopped the shots. I found out about the vital minerals and take 4 pills a day. I've been taking "vital minerals" for 4 years and my heel spurs never bother me. There is no risk to taking the vital minerals like there was with the cortisone. Plus, being a female, I get the added benefit of the calcium for my bones.

D. Morgan

November 2, 2004

This product seems to be helping sometimes. They're times when i'm not sure, and then they do feel better. So i'm going to try again and then i'll let you know. There's been little change since starting them in July. Like I said earlier sometimes they feel 100% better, and then they hurt so bad! But this next supply should tell me more. Thank you.

D. Jones

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October 26, 2004

My name is Lisa. I'll be 53 soon. I consider myself fairly healthy except for a pain in my left heel due to a bone spur. I've been suffering for about a year. I went to a foot doctor throughout the period of time. I took pills, got three shots in the heel, bought shoe soles, did certain foot exercises. Everything I did seemed to help a little for a while. But when my sister-in-law, Gloria, turned me on these "vital minerals" I ordered them and took these as directed. I was able to go about the normal routine with more comfort. I really believe these calcium tablets have helped. I have run a home daycare from 6:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. I'm on my feet all day. Recently I reordered some more of these tablets. I'm trying to avoid surgery. I can not affort the down time. I've also visited foot EFX store. Got some better in soles for my shoes that fit to my foot print of my foot.

Lisa V.

October 19, 2004

I want to thankyou for your website. That's where I found out about "vital minerals" to help bone spurs. I have on in my neck and foot. I doctor a lot for them. Now, after 4 months, they hardly bother. I almost had surgery on my foot. Glad I didn't. it is so much better. I can go for walks now. I didn't think these pills would work, but I won't stop now. I don't want the pain back. My next order came so fast I was amazed.


M. Ross

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September 29, 2004

The product is the best of the best. Not only did it help me, but I put my friend Joyce on it and it helped her so much - she is so happy with "vital minerals". I tell everyone about this product all the time. You stood up to it.

September 24, 2004

I have been taking the vital minerals for approx 6 months. I am an avid mountain hiker and love playing tennis. My left heel hurt so bad from a bone spur that I was unable to function in any of the sporting activities which I love so much. I found this product searching the web and, after reading the testimonials, I decided to give it a try. I have been very pleased with the results and would recommend it to any one with a bone spur problem. This product has let me resume my normal activities.


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August 18, 2004

After trying foot wraps, orthotics, cortizone shots, foot soaks & bed rest with no relief, I was getting really depressed. I decided to go online to see what might be out there. Since I didn't want to have any more invasive treatment, I was thrilled to see the alternatives of exercise and the vital minerals suggested. It has worked. The pain is gone. I'm now on a maintenance dose of 4-6 pills a day. Thank you!


August 11, 2004

You wanted to know how your vital minerals supplement is working for me. Well, this is the only product that has ever handled the heel spurs I use to have. (Plantar Fasciitis) My heels were so painful that I could hardly walk. When I started to take your supplement the pain was gone within a couple of days, and I could live a normal life again. Two years ago I stopped taking it for a few weeks and the heel pain returned. But as soon as I was back on the supplement, the pain vanished again. I am extremely grateful for this product.

Kind Regards,

Rebecca W.

Bellair, Florida

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August 10, 2004

My doctor took exrays of my left heel and told me I had a bone spur in it. He said the only thing that would help it would be surgery. I have always been afraid of surgery. So I told him I would like to take pills if I could to kill the pain. He gave me a pill called Arthritec. This didn't do anything for it, so my wife looked up bone spurs on the internet, and fould this pill off the internet. I started taking it as prescribed by the fellow on the internet. He told me if I took it exactly like he said he would guarantee it would work or I would get my money back. I took it and have been taking it ever since. My bone spur no longer bothers me at all. I would recommend this to anyone with a bone spur. It really works great. I am very pleased with it. Thank you.

J. Coons Sr.

August 3, 2004

I first started using the vital minerals approximately two years ago. At the time I was in pain with heel spurs. I tried all kinds of shoe inserts, foot doctor cortisone shots twice. But it didn't help. I was frustrated and decided to go on the internet and came across a web site discussing the vital minerals and how it worked so well with persistance. After several months there was a great difference and now I am completely pain free. Thank you so much!

E. Van Eerden

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July 30, 2004

In October 2001 I went to the doctor with pain in the heel of my foot. I was told I have a bone spur. The doctor gave me 4 shots in my heel from October through February 2002. My daughter was getting married in April 2002, and the only shoe I could wear was sneakers. All I could do is see myself all dressed up wearing sneakers. My husband went online and found out about bone spurs. He went on your website and found out about the vital minerals. Meanwhile, I had an insert made at the doctors office for my shoes for $350. I started taking the vital minerals in March. I took it twice a day. In April I wore a low heel dress shoe and danced all night at my daughters wedding. Thank you for that.

I also have another health problem. I make kidney stones- a lot of them. I continue the vital minerals everyday with breakfast. I have no kidney stones from taking the vital minerals for 2 years. I also give them to my family. Thank you very much for such a great product.

Sincerely, L. Sanford

* Italics
are Ours

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